Biographical Info
Romaji Pun
Age 90
Occupation Village elder
Alias Healing God
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Main Ability Perfect Cure
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 62

Pun, usually referred to as the Healing God, is a Nepalese Oracle Holder who has the ability to heal any form of injury and diseases, and become the main focus of the Nepal Arc of the series.


Although Pun was 90 years old at the time, he appears as a baby due to the side effect of his Oracle. He has black hairs and eyes, and is seen wearing a traditional Nepalese baby pajama.


Pun is a benevolent person who cared much for his village's interests. He used his powers out of the will to bring prosperity for his village, which was once struggling with poverty and inadequate health care.


As an Oracle Holder, Pun's power is Perfect Cure, in which he can fully cure all sorts of injuries and diseases, no matter how severe they are, which earned him the nickname "Healing God". In exchange of such power, perhaps one of the best Oracles ever seen, whenever Pun uses the power he will age backwards, resulting in him appearing as a baby when Saike meets him.

Initially Pun assumes that he might turn into a fetus after using his power for the last time, resulting in his death, but after using the last of his power to cure Saike, it turns out that instead of make him age further backwards, he can age forward again after his power is gone.