Biographical Info
Romaji Dipesh
Occupation Transporter
Main Ability Space Bending
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 60

Dipesh is a Nepalese Oracle Holder who serves as a transporter for the guests to the Healing God's village with his power.


Dipesh is a middle-aged man with tight eyes and thin beard. He wears a cap and a sherwani, and has a tika on his forehead.


Dipesh is only interested in making money from his job, even he is willing to resort to violence against those who can't (or unwilling to) pay for his services. However, he is actually a good-mannered person.


As an Oracle Holder, Dipesh's power is Space Bending, in which he can bend the space between him and an point within a distance of up to five kilometres in an instant, essentially teleporting him from one place to another. Dipesh can also use the power to move anyone or anything he touches.


Healing God Arc

Dipesh appears after Saike, Hizu, Ana and Raj made it to a place that was supposed to led to the Healing God's village. Hizu identifies him as an Oracle Holder as he offered his services to the group for the price of 10 million Nepalese rupees (around 98,300 USD) while pointing out that he is the only one who can take them to the Healing God's village and they are on a rush, which means he can make profit from it.

Hizu and Ana choose to resort to violence to force Dipesh to transport them, who accepts the challenge before insulting them for being "poor students". He easily make short work of Ana and Saike with his powers, but spares Raj for to having a tika like him. He proceed to beat Hizu up, though unable to knock him down. Ana marks Hizu's forehead a tika as a sign of luck, which Dipesh underestimates and proves to be his folly; when he tries to attack Hizu, he can't get his punch off his face. It is revealed that Ana had partially turned Hizu's body into duct tape when she marks a tika on his forehead earlier. Dipesh tried to teleport himself away, but Hizu is teleported too and manages to punch him.

In the end, Dipesh transport Saike and his group into the Healing God's village free of charge, and takes them to the Healing God's residence.

Dipesh is seen again during the battle against Johann, where Saike searches for him and have him teleports Saike right behind Johann, allowing him to punch Johann before he can attack Hizu from behind. Saike then have Dipesh take the Healing God into a distant place with his power.